effective fervent prayer for a job

by David
(Auburn,Ontario Canada)

My Father, I am so unworthy of your love but You love me anyways. I am coming to You with a broken and humble heart and attitude. I know I cannot do anything without Your help so I am asking You for help my Lord. I need a job, one that suits my needs and my character. I know I have not been honest in the past but being without an income has taught me a lesson. I pray that You forgive my attitude, I pray that as I get closer and grow closer to You that You would do the same, I know You will. I am a needy person Father, we are all needy and You do provide for us. I need a job very soon Father, please provide it for me. I ask this of You in the name of Jesus the Christ. I am a joint heir in Christ and I receive Your Blessings God. Amen.

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