Faith and Strength

Lord, My heart is broken with his harsh words and careless feelings. I loved him like no other. And took every ounce of his emotional and physical beatings. i gave him my all. He leaves me for another that he has only had a long distant relationship with for a couple of months. He shows no remorse or worries of how much he has hurt me. When he picks up our son he acknowledges me like he would a stranger on the street. With all the hurt he has given me I still remember the good times and take pride in him on what a wonderful father he is to our son. I miss him a lot. But then I think that there is no way I would have ever given up on our relationship without working on it like he did to me. I am giving my faith that the Lord has done this for a reason. I am ready for a new chapter in my life for me and my son. I am asking for prayer that God provide me with a great job for me to provide a wonderful life for my son. And that someday when my heart has healed he will bring a wonderful, respectful, faithful , good man into my life that I can fall in love with again. And That this man is the best role model for my son that will treat him like his own. Lord I love you and have all my faith in you. You have given me so much. I know that that you hear my prayers everyday and are helping my heart heal. cause I do feel it. I love you with all my heart LORD . you have provided me with the most wonderful, supportive friends and family. GOD BLESS AMEN

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