Faith: Lost and Found

by Barbara
(Glendale, Wisconsin)

Lord, said I, leave me, for I am done,

There may never again be
That faith that makes me whole.

I heard a voice that said, "you are the one".

That I will take with me
Redeeming all the virtues in your soul.

But Lord, said I, how can you count on me,
When you know that I'll be ...
"Stop!" Said the voice I couldn't see

"Hear me child of what I say,
This will be the very day
I take you on your golden skylight way.

"Walk with me in the sand,
Let me hold your hand,
And be as brave as you can."

I fell to my knees,
I looked up to see.
The bright light scene

Was only a star
The brightest by far
Twinkling in the sky
And felt a breeze push past my side.

The star was used to convey
A bright message by the way
As the Lord looked me in the eye
Through the star in the sky.

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