by Joseph
(Stamford, CT)

With all that falls about us,

With what we can not cope,
With thoughts that God has let us down,
we let despair take over hope.

We pray with eyes that well with tears
and wonder if he really hears.
Where are you God; help me understand...
Can this be part of what you’ve planned?

In search of answers, in search of hope,
for meaning of life we stumble and grope,
till his voice speaks softly, “Don’t you know,
I promised the faithful long ago,
a life beyond what you have here,
without the sorrow, without the tear.
I suffered myself; I lost my son...
In faith, the battle over death was won.

So however clouded my light may appear,
I most certainly assure you that I am here.
Don’t give up your faith; don’t give up your hope.
Keep praying to me please and I’ll help you to cope.”

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