Father, I know you hear me please help me

Father, I know you hear me please help me through by guiding me with your mighty power. Should I keep the baby with my current status of financial difficulties? I need an angel appear to me and help me through.


I'm willing to take responsible for my mistake. I just need some financial help father. Will you send me a kind soul that willing to help me through my debts. I just need the person to loan me and I repay every month without fail. So that I can clear all my debts within the next 5 years.

I pray for more salary increase and I pray for more bonuses so that I can clear my debts fast. I'm not young anymore... I pray for a better life for my family. Living now is like a body without a soul. Father I know you hear me I need to make this decision whether to keep or to abort. It's a life and it's a sin too. Father please bless me. Amen

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