father, Please continue to bless our family and hold us together

Dear heavenly father,

Please continue to bless our family and hold us together through these difficult times. Ease continue to make us stronger in our faith by living out what you have taught us in your word. Ease help my husband to be the loving, caring, and strong leader you want him to be. Please help him to feel the desire to be nurturing, kind, and patient with all of our children. Please guide our children to accept each other for their strengths and quiet the evil thoughts words and gestures encouraged by others. Ease give them all patience and care for each other's feelings and truly feel that they can depend on each other when they need to. Please quiet the jealousy and contempt and feelings of inadequacy that evil puts into their minds. Ease help me to me to have the right words to say and the knowledge for when to say them. Please God stay with us and guide us all through this difficult time in life. We need your help and guidance more enow than ever before.

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