Father, Your Will Be Done!

by Niño
(Dubai, UAE)

Heavenly Father, It has been more than two years now and I am still struggling financially. I have done everything that I could but I kept on failing. I really don't understand, Father. Have I been greedy or are all these part of your plan? You know what's in my heart.


You know what I intended to do. Have I been very reckless? Whenever I decide on something I always ask for your guidance but the choices I made have brought me to where I am now. What's the meaning of all of these, Father? What lessons do I have to learn? I never gave up... I kept on fighting... I kept on trying... But why did I keep on failing? Father, I am sorry to ask you all these questions but please help me understand. Give me a sign that these things happen for a reason. I need you my God... Guide me... lead me to the right path. Help me fix this life. Give me another chance. I need a miracle. Only you could help me. I did my best... I have involved my family and friends and I too have failed them. Please don't let me go to jail... Help me find a way to pay my debts. But Father, it is not my will, but Yours be done...

If this is for your greater glory, I am ready to face the consequences... Just make sure that my parents will be okay... that my sister will be okay. She has sacrificed a lot for me and I don't want her to suffer especially that she is pregnant. Take good care of her and my parents... I am all yours, Father. Everything is in your hands now... I ask these through your son Jesus Christ, with the intercession of Mother Mary, Amen.

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