Financial Healing

Dear Lord, I am out of work right now and my family is very desperate for money to pay off our bills because of our financial problem it created a strain in my marriage that leads to my husband having an affair with our friend. Dear God, help me be financialy independent so that i may be able to support my son's need and I dont need to stay with a man who does not love me and respect me at all.


I know lord, that everything happens for a reason, and I know that you will help me carry my cross for you alone is the most powerful. I trust lord that my prayer be answered. Thank you lord and I love you!

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Crying out to God!
by: Tamika

God please her me! My life has been a series of disappointment. I recently loss a job before I even started. God please make me understand your plan lord. I don't understand why I must suffer everyday of my life lord.Please bless my finances Lord I HAVE FOUR LITTLE ONES DEPENDING ON ME LORD! Hear my cries and have mercy on me lord!

God is great
by: Lorraine

I hear your cry,the lord said if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you shall move mountain.have faith my sister and I will pray for you .be strong.

Help Offer
by: Xuan

I saw your request for financial help and its my pleasure to let you know that our company has the ability and capability to assist you in getting the fund within a limited period of 1-2weeks only

I have gone through so many adverts online and would not like to beat about the bush, by hitting the nail on the head. With the rate at which Help Scams are rampant, I can proof to you that this offer and schedule of ours is very LEGIT and shortcoming with no disbelieve.

A trial is worth convincing and making you as our referral.

I work for a newly established firm in USA and we have gotten few investors from Standard Life Plc located in Edinburgh, Canada and Austria, these investors and not Standard Life, have agreed to partner with us in funds/investment plans to numerous people that need help all over the world.

Our Firm name is Swanzich Bridge Finance Trend and the investors have agreed on the interest rate of 2% and a refundable/repayment period of 1month to 90years with low, bad or high credit score.

Word of Truth, we are very genuine and willing to help you and your family to move on progressively. I am very glad and wish to help as long as you give a chance in your heart to accept it
Depending on this Investors from Standard Life, then we have a solid foundation as we have done our homework to study the company and to see what it has got to offer us, then we are sure that your demands will be met, you can also learn about the company, and see their asset rate as well as their profits, this is a rich investment company with edible investors

1. To be involved in repairing credits and removing mortgage rates
2. Plans for personal needs and business that negates the bankruptcy options
3. To prevent FORECLOSURES
4. Eradication of Debts/Poverty
5. Provision of Loans to Students/Employed and Unemployed, etc
6. Provision of Life boats to swim on
7. Creation of Jobs by providing funds for business set ups and Project development
8. Awareness of Wealth Schemes for borrowers

I hope to receive your prompt response

Our Goal: Making a world of wealth to reach out to others in need


Thanks for your patronage
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Phone number to Call/Text: 281-845-7448

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