financial help from the Lord

by Benjamin

Heavenly Father i pray that You in Your Mightiness come and release me from depts. Prayer for release from debts and credit card

Lord i acknowledge that i was not a good steward of money. I've lived a carelessly and now in deep debt. Please forgive me and help me pay back my debts.Lord please grant me the power to overcome my debt problem. I know i made this mistake myself but i obviously can not see myself getting out of this situation …Lord, Thank you for all your guidance despite of all the problems and financial crisis i'm going through right now. I am a Mine Worker Lord God, I bear the burden from being far from my three children, My children needs me Lord and I can't wait to come home and take good care of them but I don't have any source of finances. I don't have finances right now, it's crisis all over the world. Lord help me to find a way because I wanna bless my children, please pray for me...thank you

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