For Direction

by Yvonne

Loving God,


Thank you again for another beautiful day. There is so much that awaits me, and yet amidst it all, remembering the importance to take a deep breath, to exhale, and to enjoy every moment.

I've been noticing something not feeling quite right for me. I don't know exactly what it is, but it's a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. I need to find ways to figure this out, and Loving God, You are my first hope.

Please, God, give me the ability and strength to work through this, to figure out its root cause, and to find a way to resolve these feelings so that I feel a greater sense of peace and relaxation. The thought of peace and relaxation in itself feels so right and perfect.

Today, help me to remember that I must exercise, eat right, breathe in and exhale, smile, and be good to myself. Help me to remember to be calm and patient with others, and to always treat them with dignity and respect.


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