For my husband to fall in love with me again

by ra

Dear Lord of love, My husband has drifted away emotionally and finds one of his school friend as a source of love, pray that he understands her motives and realises she is just playing with his emotions. Pray that he realsises,she is not the right person for him. He in process got drifted away from us , me and my son.

Please God , make him realise the same and understand that me and my son love him unconditionally and that he should also love us with commitment. Please God help him fall in love with me again and help us to lead our lives happily and peacefully and that he cuts out all ties with that other lady, without any grudge and does not expect to be in touch with her at all. My husband loves us , but is not able to get the other lady out of his mind.

Please Lord Jesus,touch my husband , help him overcome her in thoughts and emotions too. Please o Father , hear my pray and grant me the love of my husband .Thank you . Amen

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by: Monica

Here's My Friend's Email After I Gave Her A Recommendation Of A Love Spell Caster

Dear Monica,
According to your recommendation, after reading your story, i was touched and I finally plucked up the courage to ask for Prophet Mike help, about 2months ago after conducting a profound research on him, I found his email, and found different kinds of testimony about him.
Deborah, your recommendation was so helpful and I'm very grateful for your help. Greg returned to me after 5days of the spell, apologizing for dumping me cos of complains all around him. And said he had settled issues with his family and that it was me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with till death do us part. Those words brought tears of joy and love out of my eyes. The reuniting love spell he did for my case was so powerful and worked beyond my imagination. In fact we now have the support of his family and I'm already treated like a daughter-in-law by his parents.
I don't really want to give away too much or say too much but i do want everyone who is fortunate to come across your testimonial and my testimonial about this authentic and honest spell caster, to know that Prophet Mike is real and he is a very powerful and dedicated man, I trust him 100% and got the best result. I think i have to write my testimonial online for everyone who needs help with their relationship,family or marriage problems.

Thanks a bunch,
Your Friend,

For my ex husband for cares for me to fall in love with me again
by: MR

Dear Lord,
I am unable that my ex husband after 21 years has left me twice for another women. I feel bad for my boys who have to go through this too. I know he still cares for me but not sure he still Loves me. I am convinced him doesn't love me because how can he if he is not with me and his boys as a family.
I want this man initials RR to come back to me today, to his boys and fall in LOVE with me again. It could happen. Lord bring his feet with our house that we both saved for and had as a married couple. Jesus help me, RR and our family. Let him propose to me and let us get married again. AMEN

Stop cheathing
by: Allison

I want a powefull prayer for my husband to stop cheathing and be annous with me stop laing.we together for 24 years.please help me pray.

Want my husband to love me and stop cheating
by: Anonymous

Want my husband to be featfull.stop laing,stop nice to me and the kids.stop being Demending.compaire us to other used people.

Keep the Faith
by: Anonymous

I will pray for you . I know how you feel as I'm going through the same situation right now. May God protect you keep the faith.

restore your love
by: sarah

I understand completely what you are going through. My husband looked an old girlfriend. I will say prayers for you. You are not alone. You should pray to St. Jude.

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