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We need change
by: Anonymous

Please pray for my mom and I. I'm so tired of seeing my mother stress & struggle. It has been going on for to long. Today, we're suppose to get a car. I'm praying that God blesses my mother with a way to make this happen. I know he knows how bad we need it.

Praying for my son
by: alisha

Please pray for my child. He is 18 and has got himself into a lot of trouble. He has court cases and Im so stressed out with all of this mess. I want him to turn his self around and live for God and I pray all these charges will be dismissed and the people he hurt will forgive him and drop the charges. Please pray for us during this time, Amen

Praying for my son
by: alisha

Please pray for my child. He is 18 and has got himself into a lot of trouble. He has court cases and Im so stressed out with all of this mess. I want him to turn his self around and live for God and I pray all these charges will be dismissed and the people he hurt will forgive him and drop the charges. Please pray for us during this time, Amen

bring back the love of my life.... in gods name....
by: pam

please bring back the love of my life "matt"... I love him very much and miss him.. I also pray that he is OK... I know he loves me.... I just don't know what went wrong since he WILL not talk to me.... Just stopped.... I was a good girlfriend to him ... he cried please don't leave me ur the only person in my life that makes me happy.... I said I will NEVER leave you.... please don't leave me.... but he did... I need prayers please.... god bless..... pam

prayer for a baby
by: irene

God, I need you to bless me with a baby

Please pray that my bird is alive and OK
by: Sam J

This morning my Quaker Parrot Stacey jumped off of my hand and hid under my bed. I tried to lure him out from under the bed with a flat mop. I heard a loud screech from him. When I tore down the bed and boxspring, he was gone!!! I looked everywhere in my bedroom and I couldn't find him at all! I've looked almost everywhere and I still can't find him!!!! Please answer my prayers!!!! I just want my bird alive and OK and that he'll forgive me for scaring him. I love him very much and I don't want to lose him!!!! PLEASE HELP ME GOD!!!!!!

by: Tommy

Hello friends,

I thought I would come on here and ask for a shout out prayer for a job position I'm shooting for. I know there's probably MANY others out there who have bigger, more desperate issues, so when those moments happen in life where I pray for something that makes MY prayer look miniscule compared to starving children in the world... I feel a little terrible for doing it. But then I do my best by throwing out a prayer to those starving children in return that they find a warm meal twice a day.

I live in Los Angeles, but there's this amazing job opportunity that came up with my company in New York City. I applied for the position in February, and although the recruiters have been calling me regularly, telling me I'm one of the top people in the running, I'm still worried that all this stress is going to be for nothing. I really REALLY want this position. I think it will make a great fit for my family. The job I currently hold in Los Angeles is only a project hire that may end soon, while the New York gig is PERMANENT and pays muuuch more. Please please please Lord. I really REALLY want this, and I know you KNOW I want this.

Of course, I also go by the saying that things do happen for a reason... So I'm going to leave it at that.... and thanks everyone for listening. :)

Many happy BLESSINGS everyone!!! God Bless!!!


Please pray for the restoration and reconciliation of my family and marriage
by: Julysweet

Dear Brothers and Sisters please help me to pray to our GOD for the restoration and reconciliation of my Family and marriage... I miss my husband and 5 year old son so much...we are living separately... Please God hear my prayers... Please bring back the love trust and respect and of my husband to us...the happiness of my family..
May he begin to accept and believe in you Lord... I am just waiting for my husband to come back to us..
Sacred heart of Jesus, hear our prayers
Mother Mary, please pray for us
St. jude ,please pray for us

God bless us all

by: ELLA

Agree with me in praying for my family that there shall be no death in my family...
I have just had a bad dream that foretells loss of a family member..

in need of a Miracle
by: Anonymous

I need a miracle prayer for my financial conditions.I have many debts I can't pay.I can't even pay rent for my debtors are harrasing life is so difficult.please pray for me

elohim plese sace us & help recover our home from foreclosure
by: Anonymous

my family & i need sacred heart of jesus poyr out your holy bloid shed on calvary cover,saturate me & my famil wash us od all iniquities & sins, cry out to jehovah for us,we need his mercy grace & unmerired favor,also need hoky spurit to nake utterances for us day & nightallsaints & righteous persons please intercdfe for us , ask jehovah please save us we perisbing, stop our home from repossession & foreclosure, please recover our home for us jehocah return it backto us, help us lord &all others crying out to you so much trouble ,& turmoil yoyr children having lord lord we cry out isa.9:6-7

Need Miracles on Counter NOW that they accept my offer
by: Anonymous

PUSH~ OFFER LORDPosted on 12/27/11 - 7:55 PM
Submitted by JJ
Pls God let them accept my counter offer & EVERYTHING that I ask w/this home that it be TURN KEY clean in & out out the door price all fixed & ready to go by Blood of
Jesus protect us from all evil & harm & SELL mine same time bring us all the HELP & heal us Amen PEACE and they SELLERS DO & REPAIR ALL THAT THEY PROMISED THEY WOULD SO WE MOVE QUICKLY TO SAFETY

Loosing FaithPosted on 12/27/11 - 5:22 PM
Family USA
I am hoping for a miracle, and loosing faith. (Matthew 18:19) ~*Prayer Request*~%u2026 Please God watch over my family and I, Guide us, protect us, and bless us indeed!!!
Please Lord give us a Financial Miracle!!! P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens... and I've been praying multiple times a day!

Mercy Lord hear our cries PLEASE MIRACLES!!
by: Anonymous

I been very ill for a very long time & not getting any better or treated properly or by drs. I pray Wisdom for all of us and I know this is a prayer site but wonder if anyone does pray at all esp. the ones that Never post. Im praying Gods Mercy here for Miracles that He hears my cries to totally heal me from this Cold, cough that never goes away also Cfs, fibromiolgia, artheritis, Menieres, which causes vomiting when eating & pain also hearing loss, ulcer, hernia the list goes on Please Lord rebuke the devour off my body & the root cause & make me strong again my Immune system. Im trying to EAT RITE & LOSE WT. and move SOON with Your Blessings Soon in a Safe place & buy this Home & Sell mine at rite price at same time If thats Your will for us that they accept my offer You know where You want us Please, thank You Im truely grateful to you & also for Your daughter & her sons future & happiness pls need to be well enof to move quick to safety lord work it all out for us NOW that it all work out on this larger home NOW that re. not be pushy lord this is Your blessings help me to make right choices & decisions with it and heal me us totally pls bring me all the Godly help I can trust to do all i need to do for the right move soon to get out of here asap but im afraid ill miss the mark You have for us dont let anything go wrong please strenghten me & remove Cold, cough and Swelling foot TOE, itch bleeding redness Dryness & on daughter from top of heads to soles of feet heal her & their marriage. Give me strenght to do what You have me to do and be with the one You have for me to be with the Right one that will provide care & love me in a Godly way & get away from this person traking my every move by Your precious blood Merry Christmas amen Thank You for the Blessings FAVOR Mercy Lord IJN! 12-20-11 Is.54v17

Thankful that God hears us & answers Prayer
by: Anonymous

This could be the one
« on: December 09, 2011, 05:55:35 AM »checking Homes again Please agree this could be the One Right Price Locatiion lil closer to kids Pray it doesnt have big issues & all go smooth & they accept Offer. & with family reunion at thhe ATTORNEY function that You convict those members that arent right with You Lord Praise & Bless You forever Amen!
Jr. Membe

Re: This could be the one
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2011, 11:33:59 AM »Dear Heavenly Father, I stand with this Loving Mom in her request for Your guidance in buying a home. I ask that You give her the desire of her heart, according to Your will. Reveal any hidden problems with this house and protect her from making any error in judgement. If this is where You want her, move in the hearts of the sellers to accept her offer and cause all the purchase details to go smoothly. I also ask for the salvation of her unsaved family members; that You would bring each one to repentance and to the knowledge of truth that can set them free. I ask all this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Need to make the Rite Move Asap!
by: Anonymous

Thanks St. Jude for Lowering All these prices Lord & healing & Protecting me totaly Lord that I be well enough to do your will with this place THAT THEY ACCEPT MY OFFER SOON * at the same time sell mine for top dollar & it wont need much repairs. You know where you want me give me your Wisdom & Strength to do your Will & do the Right move, have your way so i could move on away from this mess & ppl, noise . Reverse the curse back to the NME where it came from Praise you Jesus! Protect my Angels also that we, family Reunite Soon Amen~

Thank you for your cont. prayers for family & I & I also pray for you & others Thanks again!
by: Anonymous

ie. But i really relate with you & I thank those that could pray for my desperation also & still waiting to see my postings all these months here Need to hear from you Soon`-LORD I Been Too Ill to work & getting older

Help me Lord to not go ahead of you but to trust you w/these right choices & decisions on this home if this is your will I trust only you Lord can open that Right door & all will go smooth & there not be Too many Repairs & they accept my offer Soon. We have been cheated out of life long enough all our lives & the devil doesnt STOP, but i know Vengeance is all yours & you will get to the bottom of this & us a Better home Asap. RESTORE us Make me stronger boulder to fite the good fite. Heal family Marriage Grandchild & of jealousy greed & hatred make the truth come out from the past with family who cheated & betrayed us & fix it. Bless us Restore us & help us to forgive as they come clean you know their hearts as they all cry out to you for HELP salvation & PROTECTION soften our hardships Lord for the kids sake guard us with your Angels & get the devil out of all my affairs, turn all our lives around & all those truely seeking HELP JUSTICE connect me with the right Help Lawyers Friends Help me to trust you as You intervene & Have Your Way Amen! Eph.6 Bless us with all that we ask Your will be done in all our lives Amen! Is. 54:17, Psl.6:9
Much Attack!

for Miracle Turn Key HOME SOON PLEASE for SAFETY 10-24
by: Anonymous

for grandchild in day care Please Pray that his day go by Quickly or they pick him up early & Im HEALED & able to drive all the way out there & pick him up from school & OR HIS DAD
& be well enof to work also with Hi Paying Job. Lord pls FIX everything the HOME that I want to Buy & make it Rite the CAR, Glasses all that I ask of You & St Jude that daughter & husb cont. to go to church & spend holidays with us GOD KEEP US SAFE & OUT OF DANGER BY YOUR MIRACLE BLOOD! thank you so much! IS. 54v17 GOD BLESS U! Eph. 6!

THANK YOU FOR UR AGREEMENT BLESS YOU & THAT HE MEET ALL UR NEEDS! as you can see IM UNDER MUCH ATTACK & FAMILY please keep us in your prayers! Love in the Lord... persecuted
by: Anonymous

Urgent Please! Pray & Help my precious Angels g & l
Please Jesus/St. Jude worker of all Miracles pray for us our family we been ill and in chronic pain for 20+ years and suffering with doz. conditions and in trouble esp. with daughters marriage husband cheats on her and mistreats her and her child and me with disrespect beside the many other Attacks Ive been experiencing all alone & w/minists.throughout my life w/o much support from daughters dad also by some christians? Pray for Legal counsel & now TURN ALL THE UNFAIRNESS AROUND & DEAL WITH YOUR ENEMIES NOW Lord!
for there may be a Camera traffic lite issue that i know im Innocent of because i Didnt go through any red lite or do anything wrong JUST CANCEL THAT LORD the enemies just trying to attack harass and intimidate there also.
I pray for soverign Lord to give us all Favor Mercy and Justice with this and for our Miracle Turn Key Home Soon w/daughter that there be no more tie ups You open Rite doors Lord & w/a great job that I be well enof & can handel You bring me all the Help Buying & Selling My place also asap & with Moving & family sis, Bro. friends Boaz that they call & Help us also~ plead Your Blood over us & all situations & Protection also!
Thank You God Bless & Thank You for all the Blessings Lord that He meet Ur needs also & that You keep it Cool here too I love You and Praise You Lord Amen!

LORD RICHLY BLESS URGENT! for whoever can Pray Now Please
by: Anonymous

«Please no more cutting need some shade Lord Enof! & that they clean it all up totally & Healing & my stomach & dryness on my head mouth & fam. marriage!& that You pik out the rite home price location job for us Soon x Blood of Jesus that i sell mine at same time, RITE price! PROTECT US Grandson LOVE U LORD that i never be alone Also! Amen! Is.54v17 PRAISE U LORD!

Lord Richly Bless You for your prayers! (sorry if posted already 1st time posting & I had alot of problems) thank you
by: Anonymous

URGENT PLEASE Crises! Please Hear Our Cries Lord! PERSECUTED! & very Ill. Pray have VISION CATARACS,I Cant see rite with the glasses I just recieved PLEASE PRAY I CAN RETURN THEM & They'll be rite this time also have HEARING LOSS & CAR PUMP just WENT OUT!

Meet all our needs for Finances, Marriages, Homes, Protection , Jobs, Health, Provision & Restoration Soon Lord and Bless and keep this Children safe & Healed. Need to Sell & buy better Home, location only with your miracles can this happen. im so attacked here dealing with a Crazy neighbor thats befriended manager that doesnt want to help so need to get out Now need Justice!

For daughter too HEAL HER ABUSIVE MARRIAGE & Son; their separated, remove these other ungodly people from their marriage Lord have your way & will here that she finally meet her dad H.S. Convict this man to be found & finally be responsible for his daughter. That she not Also blame me my sis help us to forgive them & my brother. That she & grandson would be closer to me & the Lord. Bring Godly people w/pure motives to our side to help, Mates.

Please help us w/finances to fix all these things Lord & Heal us Forgive us. Been Very Ill & not been able to function in a.m. & work again. Or help me rest & recoop w/rite place & person with mini vacation Soon & help me complete my degree but much injustice there, antichrist teachers.

You promised your going to take care of us and all our needs how ever you do it for a good larger home Soon by your precious Blood I Pray, You know where you want us! Also Peace and Favor, Mercy w/& for all meet all their needs too my friends/family that they all know your saving grace! thanks & God Bless! Please Help Lord & deal with Your Enemies in these Last Hours IJN AMEN Is.54v17!


For all seeking help....
by: Tony

....may God bless you and bring you immediate help for all your needs. I am facing eviction this week and have no place to go. I lost my job and it seems as if no one wants to hire me. I feel as though this may be it for me, but I hold on with every bit of faith. There are so many on here that have needs. I pray that God will come and set us all free. Hold on, his love is eternal. Heavenly Father, I humbly ask that You come now and ease our suffering. Restore Your light to our lives. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Truely touched
by: Gordon

I was truely touched by your compassion for all, the pain & suffering you read here and shamed at the same time for not offering my prayers to all who seek. GOD bless you!

thank you
by: Anonymous

believe it or not because of what you did, i believe God hears my prayer and help is on the way. you are like the good samaritan... thank you for showing compassion, forgetting oneself for others. God bless you! i pray the God will grant whatever you wish for...

brought a tear to my eye
by: Anonymous

Your kindness is so appreciated!

blessing to all
by: cheryl

you a true gem. it is what we should all do. but your pain is no less important than someone elses. god has enough love and support to help all. you have restored my faith in humanity. you gave of yourself before taking so rare these days. bless you and you have my prayer for what ever sorrow you are facing, god bless

blessing to all
by: cheryl

you a true gem. it is what we should all do. but your pain is no less important than someone elses. god has enough love and support to help all. you have restored my faith in humanity. you gave of yourself before taking so rare these days. bless you and you have my prayer for what ever sorrow you are facing, god bless

blessing to all
by: cheryl

you a true gem. it is what we should all do. but your pain is no less important than someone elses. god has enough love and support to help all. you have restored my faith in humanity. you gave of yourself before taking so rare these days. bless you and you have my prayer for what ever sorrow you are facing, god bless

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