by Verona

God, I pray for healing and restoration and to truly forget the sins of my past. I am married to a wonderful guy with two lovely sons. I love them dearly and would like to give them a happy future. Recently, i am haunted with the memories of my sinful past when I was a child before I even knew my husband.

I dont know why but it emerged from the inber depths of my soul and is killing me inside. I do have suicidal throughts, I dont eat and sleep well, and I have a terrible anxiety that sometimes strikes me. Lord, I beg you please be merciful and forgive for my sake and for that of my family. My husband and children deserve better and I cannot hurt them and leave them in despair.

PLease GOD I am more desperate then ever and praying for a miracle from above to come down and in spirit heal me and restore my soul.

God I give my life to you right now.

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