give me a sign that I am serving you as you require

by Lloyd
(Saint Augustine, Florida)

Dear Lord, I come to you concerned and not understanding why I am in the situation I find myself. I have tried hard to gain employment that fulfills my needs and those of my family, that allow me to meet my earthly obligations, and fulfill Your commandments. I cannot seem to get past the interview as every position seems to go to someone else.

I know I am a sinner, Lord. I have committed many sins against Your will throughout my life. I believe that Your Son died to cleanse me of my sins and I trust in Your will that financial ruin will not fall upon my family and I but that You will provide as You have promised.
Although I am in despair, I trust in Your will and trust that You will provide everything that essential to my family and I. I love you, Lord and pray that you will so me a sign that I am serving you as you require.

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