Give me strength and never lose hope.give me peace of mind ...and I know everything is gonna be alright

by Jonna delmo iligan
(Qatar )

Dear god..I need you today ...I need you and everyday of my life lord god give me strenght ...and never lose hope...I have a problem papa god and I know you hear my prayers everyday to you..lord sana poh dingin NYu poh Mga prayers ko na sana poh hind ko na isip isipin ung problema ko ..alam ko nanjan ka sa tabi ko at tutulongan ako I know everything gonna be alright ...lord I have many dreams into my life .and to my family sila ung inspiration ko alam mu yon papa god and I am so blessed to have a family like them and thank you lord god for always there with my family ....Kailan kita papa god ...alam mu kong Anu ung problem ko .,,sana poh Hindi ko na poh yun isipin bigyan mu po ako ng peace of mind...everyday before I slep I always think about my problem and I am so very sad tears Is full down when I think about my problem ..nawawala na ako ng gana sa sarili ko...Minsan gusto ko ng mawala pero sana poh my blessing na dumating sa akin at sa family ko at sa kapatid ko na si Ryan na mkapasa sa board exam....gabayaan NYu poh Mga Taong nanjan prati Sakin sumusuporta e bless NYu poh sila ..e bless NYu poh ang ate ko na si jenny na nanjan at tumutulong sa Amin..pati narin poh ang brother in law ko na si cam na mabait ,,and more blessing to come.. and for his family and my family ..lord god e bless mo ung Mga mhal ko sa buhay ...lord e bless mo Po ako na sana mawala na yong problem ko I have a lot of dreams in my life I want To help my family lord god....I know you are always there for me...and Please help me to afind a job where I can help my family and my relatives I've lost my job and I feel like I lose hope at wala ng gana sa Buhay ko ,,,I have no money and no job ..IPlease help me St Jude to get another job and to fulfill my dream, for myself and for my family ,,papa god gabayan NYu poh ako sa araw araw nanjan k prati Sakin ......I've always tired to be a good person I've tired to think my problem everyday please help me oh lord ......Please help me to find a good job ...please help me for my problem. I know ,,Nririnig mu ang panalangin ko Saiyo papa god I love you so much papa god .... Please bring people to me who will help me..and I know you are always there with me...sana my dumating na miracle and blessing sa akin at sa family ko ....,papa god . ..and I don't wanna lose hope...I know everything gonna be alright I trust you oh lord ..In the name of the father into the son..into the Holy Spirit Jesus's name amen .. :)

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