God bless me spiritually,emotionally,financially

by B

Dear God in the name of your son Jesus Christ please show me how to have a better relationship with you and your son please bless me to be a better mother,daughter,sister,aunt,niece and friend teach me patience I want wisdom,knowledge and understanding.


God bless me spiritually,emotionally,financially,I worked very hard at my job last year I want to purchase my dream I have prayed everyday that you hear my prayers I feel I deserve these things because i have been patient I watched everyone around me receive many blessings I know God has a plan for each of us good things I have experience many disappointments in life and dwelt on past hurts and mistakes what I have learned you can't change the past and you as a person must learn from mistakes so we don't continue to repeat them.Love yourself and know that you as a human being you deserve the best because God wants nothing but the best for us everyone man I loved never loved me or treated me right I looked for love because I never felt love by my mother it left a empty space in my heart and I searched to fill it I allowed myself to be mistreated as long as i thought they loved me bad mistake it only lead to hurt and more pain.

I was blessed with a daughter the best thing that ever happened to me it was very hard for me to accept how much she loved and needed because i never had that before affection is very hard to accept when you never had it.But i made it through the rape the molestation this is my testimony still alive all the heartaches and pain I made it through GOD BE THE GLORY

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