God I need you, I need your miraculous POWER today.

by Rose

Dear Prayer Team,

This is an urgent prayer request to ask for God's immediate intervention in several areas of my life. I pray that God's wisdom, the Holy Spirit's discernment and a personal relationship with God be developed so that I can trust God for everything despite disappointments and/or close doors. I am currently seeking employment after graduating few months ago from college and this is proving to be difficult. I am in a financial crisis and have to starting making payments toward my student loans so I will need a career opportunity that goes beyond minimum wage. I want a career where I can speak openly about my faith and love of God, mentor others and receive mentoring myself, a place where I can build strong-authentic relationships, find favor with my bosses, managers, mentors, colleagues and invest in my community through volunteering. I am also asking for prayers in my personal life that I'll be blessed with a husband and start a family.

I pray for my family to seek God's grace and mercies. I also pray for special healing for my uncles K and KG, my nephew to be healed completely of sickle-cell, my friend who needs liver transplant, my sister K who's suffering from depression and my dad Pa D who's currently sick and needs miraculous healing. I feel down and lost so please ask for God's continuous direction in all that I seek, say, here or do. Thanks to everyone who's praying for me and my family.

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