God please help me so that my wife would never leaves me

by Fernando
(India )

God please help me as I have no one besides me. God I may have done evil things in my life. But I never let you down. God my childhood was not so comforting. I have suffered a lot from my childhood. I forgot meaning of happiness in my life. Everyday struggling for money. God please help me to clear all debts so that I can take care of my family especially my child. I love him so much. God please help me so that I may not be my father who left me to struggle in life. I love my child.


God please help me so that my wife would never leaves me. Help me and strength me to combat financially. Help me so that I may be good father good husband and good son. I need your grace. I love my family. Please help me to clear the debt. I love you. I know you are there for me. I trust you. God I have faced greater humiliation and rejection but still I have faith on you. Because you are real God my father.

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