God please protect my dreams

by Burscot Jr

God please protect my dreams. I'm in a terrible spot today in life and I don't know if I'll ever come back from it but I ask God that you will get me great again. I'm sorry God i I disobeyed you that's what put me here but I believe in You. I don't have no children or a family but I would like to live in happiness to have one. I sinned a lot and lust over women but am not happy when I lay down to sleep. The devil has taking control and I experiencing a lot of evil in my life right now. Wicked women and men are out to kill me and started a lot of hate in people towards me. If I'm lieing God strike my first child through love down. But I am not God and I ask you protect me from all evil and wicked men and women. Please I beg you please protect my dreams that they will become alive and I will them before I die. Amen. Shall my soul rest in my kid's after I leave earth and be in heaven with you. God Bless and Jesus Christ of the world bring peace. Amen.

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