God, protect and lead us

Father God, I pray you bless me and the children I teach. I beg you to protect us from the evil anger and selfishness that prevent peace. I pray that I see their hearts and true desires and not hear their angry curses and accusations. Lead us all to your peace so they may grow and reach their potential. Shelter our place from evil and cruel thoughts, words, and actions. Cast away the demons that cause us to misunderstand each other's true desires. Protect us so we may love and support each other, so we may share the love and peace that comes only from You.

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Mar 04, 2012
by: Shyam Spiritual guide

I am doing distance healing for you and your loved ones. For instant comfort call Saint Michael the most powerful Angel in the universe.
Say the following entences in your mind for 5 minuites every one hour anywhere-anytime-Repeat the sentences.
"Saint Michael --l need your help-Please help me Saint Michael-I now feel the presence of Saint Michael around me--Please give me and my loved ones a spiritual shield of protection-----
Then be specific and add some short sentences of your own on what you wish to have.
You will feel instantly comforted.
Call Saint Michael alone and ask him in your mind.
You have to ask and not pray to Saint Michael.
God bless
Spiritual guide

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