God's Cuboard

by Terry

God’s cupboard
There’s a cupboard in God’s Heaven made with hands skilled scarred , and true , by a carpenter who learnt his trade , on earth , like others do .
The skills to make this masterpiece ,are love and tender care, in Nazareth he learnt his trade in workshop crude and bare .
This cupboard is a wonder, perfect straight and true .There are no joints ,or nails or screws and not a trace of glue .
The carpenter that made it, he also made the wood, and fixed it altogether like no other chippy could.
As cupboards go it’s special, another you’ll not see, and inside, upon its shelves , the future’s yet to be.
Also there, God keeps the prayers, of people loyal and true , and somewhere on its precious shelves are even prayers from you -.
No tears of sorrow fear or pain , can ever pass God by,
that He’s not safely keeping In His cupboard in the sky .
And next time you get in trouble ,or get caught in Satan’s snare , just remember that great cupboard , God has all the answers there.
So when God looks into His cupboard, He knows just what it cost, and how He paid with years of pain, whilst His Son redeemed the lost .
But God’s plans are in His cupboard , with time that will fulfil ,and they will end the reign of death , and all that hurt and kill.

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Mar 01, 2017
by: Anonymous

Love it Grandad :) H x

Mar 20, 2016
Poem God's cupboard NEW
by: Anonymous

Well done you, my lovely husbandxx

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