Grant me financial freedom

by Gillian
(London )

Dear God, you know my needs & you know my heart. You know my journey, & you know my benevolent nature. You know this has caused me to make some foolish decisions at times. & you know that putting other peoples happiness before my own has caused me, my own happiness. Help me to forgive myself & release blame & guilt & move on. As your child, I ask you to grant me my hearts desires. Allowing financial freedom, peace of mind, happiness, joy & health. Encamp only supportive, loving & trustworthy people around me. Protect, nourish & shield my loved ones. And allow Love to heal their hearts, minds & spirits. I surrender all to you oh Lord, as I alone cannot carry these burdens of financial woes and legalities that have me in constant throws of stress & worry. Oh Bless me, so I may be a blessing to others. Lessons have been learnt. May my hands continue to serve thee well. Amen

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