Great God come sow us in a fertile place To bud a life

by James
(Climax NC)

Great God come sow us in a fertile place

To bud a life that sprouts in Faith,
Receives thy gifts and all thy grace;
And know the Word-heeds what thou sayeth.
Come hoe the weeds that fight our lives
To counter all their dire contrives;
Plow evil roots way on down deep,
Where do the awful hellfires leap.
Great God above live in us too
And make us grow like Christians do;
So fit our foliage strong it be,
Our minds and souls have symmetry;
Indeed sweet fruits they leave no doubt
Who put us here on earth throughout;
Who waits on us; for years sometimes
While froward stems asunder lie,
Stiffhearted ‘neath His blest blue sky.
Great God untold we yield free will
to which you love to render pleads:
The small quiet voice in us instill
All Glory’s Peace and goodly Deeds.
His body did towards Glory rise,
Endowed vast love to you’s and I’s.
Almighty moves His stars at night,
Makes this one dim and that one bright;
Yet lets us do our humble things
And happy be when to Him clings
A cherished soul all white, unite.
We know that He will tend our crops,
Draw ever on green thriving tops,
Exuberant!--while up we pops.
The faithful Farmer meets our needs,
Salvation Garden mustard seeds.

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