Guide me lord upon your will

by Lizel

Lord i left my job knowing that you will guide me thru this journey.somebody offered me a job but havent contacted me yet, sometimes it still bothers me that maybe.just maybe there is a chance that he might not contact me.but i know Lord it is upon your will.


I left my job last week coz i know that you will not leave me hanging without nothing.i am sorry if during this time i have doubted you, but then i realized with my previous jobs that you are giving me everything i want in a job.when i wanted to switch coz i wanted to learn something else you lead me there, and when i left my job and someone that you have used to be an instrument for me to be able to finally quit this job, in that moment i finally made my decision with you oh lord.

Please guide me remove this anxiety, this feeling of being useless because i fdont have a job yet for a week.i know im in a hurry.please guide me with security that i will not be jobless.i hope that person will contact me soon to start with my new job.i know that it will be your will whatever happens to my life.

I owe everything to you oh lord without you i am nothing. Thank you for all the blessings.

I believe that the more people praying for one another the more powerful it will be.


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