have me in the palm of your hand

by Bianc
(Carencro Louisiana)

Dear god I come to u today to help me with these burdens i have been caring for quite some time now. I know u know all the pain and hurt i have going on in my life right now. I ask u dear lord to help me find a new job that appreciates my hard work and dedication. Help me find a job where i will be comfortable at the work i will provide. Another thing dear lord help me to get this hold off of me thats loving a man that shouldnt get any of my love that i have to give. I feel that i am on a string and he just keep pulling me back in but i ask to help me cut that string dear lord and be set free for good. I have faith dear lord that u have me in the palm of your hand ready to help me u just wanted me to come to u and ask for this help well im here dear lord ready to do the work thats needed to get my life back on track.

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