Heal Me, help me do your will, help me get through my hardships

by Jenny S
(Texas, USA)

Dear God, I know I'm not worthy of your son Jesus, I know I'm not worthy to ask forgiveness, but forgive me of the sins in my life from the past, present, and future. I know I'm only a teen but I can still do big things for you. Please help my allergies and heal me from those and heal my stomach so I don't have to worry about what to eat and I beg you to make me so healthy and not to get sick every few weeks. I accept your healing. Help me do something big because I am healed in Jesus' holy name, help me follow my dreams and share my story for the benefit of your kingdom.


Oh lord I cry out to you! I am tired! I am sick! Heal me Lord, if it is your will! Take away my depression, I don't know why you let others hurt me, it's hard to understand when something finally is going right and you take it away. But I only see my point of view. Help me oh lord to see what you do! Help me to see that taking me away from my church is your will! I know I get angry with you god, and I am sorry. Help me be happy and find joy in you, not material things. Heal me God, so I can do your will.

I accept your healing in Jesus' holy name. I accept the plan you have for my life.

In Jesus' name,


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