Healing and for a job

by Stacy

St. Jude, please help me I am desperate and alone. I have viruses in my body that never stop infecting me. They say there is no cure, but father God has the medicine that can cure me. Please St. Jude intercedes for me on my behalf so that Father God will cure my body and heal my mind, spirit, and soul. Please make my body as it once was inside the womb. Please help me to get my self esteem back and take off these added pounds I have put on in my depression. Also, help me to get the good job I interviewed for yesterday so I can stay with them for many years to come. Help me to also have wisdom and forgiveness for others as God forgives me. Please St. Jude use me as your instrument for healing and hope. Please hear my prayer Lord. Amen, Amen

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