Healing Cervical Cancer For My Mother


I do not have doubts about miracles from the heavenly Father, I hope time and time again that my mother can some how be healed from this cancer.

I know that cancer most of the time is NOT heal-able or cure-able but that doesn't mean things cannot change.

I do tell the Father above that if need be he can choose what he wants to do with my mother, whether he wants to perform a miracle or take her into his kingdom to meet his son Christ and him hisself.
I would much rather her not suffer and be with the Lord, if God chooses to take her.
If a miracle is performed that would delight me more than ever, but I will gladly accept either way things go from God.

I love God and I can trust him to everything and anything forever.

I do pray my mother at least heals enough to stay with us as long as she can, and I will NEVER stop praying, even if it's after death or no death at all.

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