Healing for Hanna

by Trisha

Please pray with me for my daughter she is nine months and has never been home. She has a kidney disease which caused wboth her kidneys to be removed. She is currently getting dialysis but needs to get to 8 kilos to get her transplant.


She is currently 5.5 kilos we need her to continue to grow. We also need the medical staff to better mange her fluid so that the will not put her on trac collar. She a miracle because she not suppose to be alive but she is and I'm so grateful!

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Praying for healing
by: Anonymous

Please heal this little baby

Get well soon Hanna!
by: Anonymous

Most Compassionate Lord Jesus,

Hear my small voice added to the other voices which are praying for this little bundle of joy!

Merciful Jesus cast your compassionate gaze on this child and hear my entreaties for Trisha and her baby. We pray to your holy mercy and beg that she recovers from this disease and become hale and hearty soon!

Lord hear us and in Your infinite wisdom grant this humble petition!


Prayer for Hanna
by: Anonymous

Dear God,

Please protect Hannah and help her to grow so that she is able to receive her kidney transplant. Please help her transplant and recovery to go smoothly so that she is able to go home soon. Bless her with strong health and longevity.

Please also bless her family and friends, especially her mom Trisha. Give them strength during this difficult time and bring peace to their hearts as they trust in you and your will. Fill them with your love and embolden their faith.

Please guide the medical staff and ensure that they provide Hanna with the best care possible and Trisha with the help and support she needs.

Thank you, Lord. I know in you all things are possible and that you will not abandon Hanna and Trisha during this time. Please surround them with your light. I pray this prayer in love, gratitude, and humility. Amen.

*praying for your daughter*
by: Anonymous

GOD bless your daughter hanna and i am praying she comes home to you soon and gets better ,in JESUS name i pray AMEN

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