Healing restoring our marriage and love for each other

by Ainsley

Dear lord I ask you to forgive us for our sins I ask you to open up our hearts and empty the negative emotions and feelings that are stored inside us. I ask you to helps us resist all temptations that satan sends to destroy our marriage. Lord I ask that you help us rekindle the love we once had for each other. Lord I ask you to help us understand each other.


Lord I ask you to help us forgive each other. Lord I pray that our union will grow and blossom into a much better relastionship that what we had before. I pray for us to become intermit again enjoying each other as we have had in the past. Lord I ask that we cherish the little things that we each do for each other and not take each other for granted. I pray for respect humility understanding forgiven and love for each other. Lord I pray that you will help us alone the straight and narrow and help us with our faith. I ask you to help us build back the gates of trust that have been broken down I ask that you help us to take one day at a time and do it right tjere lord amen.

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