by katrina
(Arcanum Ohio )

Please stand with me in believing God will heal my body. I have been battling episodes of dizziness for over a month now. I have not been able to go to work or drive my car. Doctors are running test on my head and my hearing. I go see the doctor on the 15 th of this month. I'm asking God to heal my body. It's close to Christmas and I don't have any money coming in because of this awful condition. it's been so disabling to me because now I am so scared it's going to happen anywhere I go. My husband is getting very upset with me because I am not able to do the things I did before this happened to me. I was fine one minute and dizzy the next. This is awful. Please pray

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Dec 13, 2014
Things will get better Katrina NEW
by: A mum

Dear Katrina, I know how frightened you must feel. Anyone experiencing vertigo would feel anxious! My Son has Benign Positional Vertigo and after much suffering has found that the Epley Manouver is very helpful for 're-setting' the little crystals in your ear that move and upset your balance system. Do have a look on the net for BPV & Epley Manouver. Maybe your doctor will be able to show you how to do it if it is relevant to you. There are also various on-line support groups that may be helpful & comforting to you. I think you should ask your husband to spin round & round for 5 minutes, then stop & see how he feels. If this doesn't give him a small sense of how rotten it feels, then show him some of the comments from fellow-sufferers on the net - he will soon see how badly you are suffering and how brave you are being. Please try not to be frightened though because whether you go to church or not, God loves you, he hears your prayers wherever you say them & he works in ways we don't always understand - who knows, maybe he even guided me here tonight to help? I will pray for you Katrina, I hope all goes well on the 15th, that your husband will be more understanding & that you will receive both practical & emotional support as you recover. God Bless you Katrina and GET WELL SOON :-)X

Dec 12, 2014
Faith NEW
by: Tampa fl

Good morning Katrina
My prayers are with you this morming
And with your husband
The Lord will be with you on the 15th
He hears you!
Please go to church Sunday
If your husband does not go try to go
But promise to go each Sunday after
The 15th

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