Heavy Heart

by Hayley
(Pennsylvania )

Dear God, I have been so lost. I turned my back on you. I have problems within my faith and up until now, I ignored them when I should have fought to be closer to you. Please help me keep fighting. I can't go on by myself. I need your strength and guidance. I give you everything. My love, my pain, everything. Help keep my words true and not let distractions take me away from you. Not like before. I want desperately to live my life the way you would have it, because I certainly haven't been successful by myself. Help me know that I am never alone, even when it feels like I'm so, so small and insignificant. No child of yours is insignificant. Even me. I want to be your child. Completely and all the time. Not just when my life is a mess, but always. I want to share my joys and sorrows with you equally.

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