Help for financial aid

Dear lord please help me and my family. I have started a business and invested everything in it with no turn around. I have lived so lavishly when i had the money and today i have none. I am sorry, i have learned now to be careful when i had my children. I am struggling trying to make ends meet with a business, childcare and a home to pay for. Please help us recover whateve we have invested. It has been a hard life trying to save for the children and have any motivation to keep the business running. Please help us. I am so desperate for peace of mind and a stress free life. I just want to enjoy my children and give them what they need. My marriage and my family life is falling apart. Please help us lord, please help us. I have lived a hard life full of many challenges and when i decided to open this business i see no hope left. Help me hold on and give me the strength to keep going for my children. If i deserve it i know you will do what is right for me. I trust you and believe in you and i am handing over my life, my family and children to you... I trust you Jesus i know you are always looking down on me and you will never let me fall.

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