Help for my daughter

Please help my daughter find the true meaning of Love and commitment. She always seems to find great guys but all her relationships never seem to last and it's always the guy that gets hurt.


She is really a great girl but seems to be searching for perfection which she will never find. Help her to realize no relationship is perfect and that a relationship is a journey with good days and bad days, you have to be committed! If she continues on this path she will end up alone .

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She will find it
by: Joseph M.

Thank you for your words. I hope that your daughter finds the strength to overcome her fear of being hurt. Chances are,he is still waiting for her. I just now found my way after Lindsay broke my heart. I wouldnt have reconciled that relationship with the lord without this pain. I Pray for her and know she will find her way.

thank you for your help
by: Janice

Thank you for helping me to get my lovely partner back in my life. I am so blessed that you used a non forceful way of uniting and reuniting us. Our past, presence and future seems to have all merged into one. (Dr Ekaka) You told me that everyone has a compatible soul mate whether in their life or waiting to come into their lives. I am glad its my partner of old. I did not want to really go and be with someone else.. You have removed the extra baggage that has been affecting us and holding us back. Peace to you.

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