Help make my family while again

by Kyle

Dear god, I am getting ready to met my wife to talk after she has left me for 2 weeks , I know I hurt her a lot before but the past 6 months I have truly changed and I pray that you can put love and compassion and forgiveness into heart and fill it with love for me .


I ask that you give me the strength to continue to grow as a man and as a husband but to also grow with my relationship with you. She is the love of my life and I should have changed a Long time ago but please let her forgive me and to not use a divorce as a option.

But to work on our marriage and grow stronger as a couple and to grow stronger with our relationship with you. I pray you let her back into my life today and let her bring our families back together. I truly do regret my mistakes.

In Jesus name I pray amen

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