Help me and my children from being homeless

I need prayer so I will not lose my apartment, I am a single mother thats having a hard time and I may lose my apartment and me and my children will be on the street. Please pray for me, I've been praying day and night.

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Pray for my family and i
by: Anonymous

I a teen, father is not in the picture, trying to keep strong faith, we stay wuth my moms roommate for six months he agreed to a financial in the begining and bailed out half way so my mom almist literally brok we have to have tomorrow and we will be living in a car, theres six of us, we have been homelesd many times and im actually usw to it im not afraid but I dint want to live like this anymore, please pray for us.

Asking prayer for my children and i.
by: Anonymous

I would to say i know that the Lord has the last word i am in a situation like most of you the twist to mine is of a cheating husband. I just received my eviction letter today and we really do not have anywhere to go. I am so sad this man is always messing with many women and we are getting a divorce. They want my children and i out by 6/10/14 which is Tuesday i know that the Lord is so able for some reason i am not scared please pray for us in Jesus name i pray and thank you all amen.

I'm going through the same thing
by: Anonymous

Im going through the same thing. My kids called and said that someone just gave them eviction paper and I had to leave work and go home. There was no way that I could work after hearing this. It is suppose to happen next Wednesday. So I understand how you feel. I will pray for you. I am very scared but trying to think positive. Prayers to you and your family.

mother and 2 boys
by: Anonymous

I am seeking prayers from everyone possible ..from everypart of the world situation is a long story but I will summarize it,the current place I am in is soon not to be mine. My original date to vacate was april 5,however God sent me a longtime childhood friend she is a paralegal and was able to get my time extended ..I was successful to find a place they had all my info and a montetary deposit they needed one more piece of iinfo I went and did it and whěn I called she said the head manager gave it to some1 YES ILLEGAL,my time is limited at this address however I will be taking action against them 4 illegal actions.I have found another place but I have 2 b out unit by 2day my schoolfriend is trying to get me an extension I am praying for an extension so I don't lose my belomgings and to get a positive reply and granted the extension my options are a homelss in a shelter or hotel <~too expensive) plz pray for me to be safe here and that I get approved

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I'm am a single mother with children about to be homeless
by: Anonymous

I am a single mother going through some hardship we are about to lose the place we are staying in less then a week and have no place to go. Please pray for me & my children...

God is with you and your Children
by: Anonymous

Heavenly Father,
Please bless this woman and her children...they need you at so desperately at this time. Please help them to stay in their apartment so that they can be safe and sound. If they must move, please make it to a better and more affordable location. Please send guardian angels to protect them and guide them through this very difficult time. Wrap your loving arms around them and give them faith and trust in you. In Jesus' name we pray....Amen.
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11
God loves you.

bless you
by: Anonymous

you are a strong woman and the Lord has you in his arms. I pray you will be receptive to hear the plans he has for you and your children.

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