Help my Broken Relationship

by TMM

O Holy St. Jude,


I need your help now more than ever in my life. I was with my boyfriend for 6 years and he broke up with me. I pray to you St. Jude that you bring me TMM and PJT back together again, change us into good people. I pray St. Jude that you fill our hearts with love, understanding, and patience. Please make us whole again.

I pray that you help us forgive each other and see each others worth. I Pray St. Jude that you take all the pain and negativity out of our hearts and minds. I pray you give us this great miracle.

I promise to pray a mass in your name every year on the date you bring him back. I pray St. Jude you grant my prayer and bring PJT and TMM together again. In your name and Jesus Christ Amen

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