Help My Husband to Overcome his Pride and come back to me.

by Angie
(St. Louis, Mo)

Please God help my husband to open his heart and forgive me for the making him feel so badly. Please give him the strength to stand up against his friends who are guiding him away from me. Please open up the lines of communication so we can rectify this situation and come back together. Please remove the pain and hurt so that joy and peace together can be restored. I know my husband loves me and I truly love him. I feel like we are soulmates and I don't want to lose him forever. Please God, I know you have the power to do anything. We are in need of your help. Please help my husband to follow Jesus and do the right thing. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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May 09, 2015
I understand your pain, my husband took a job that the guy couldn't pay him until the following year. he neglected to talk to me about this situation to see if I would be okay financially handling al
by: Jacquelyn

I pray for you and understand your pain. You try to be nice and civil on the things they do wrong ( mine has never taken care of our child) so I asked for small things at first socks underwear
Keep in mind we live together so moved up to winter clothing Christmas present he didn't do that so fine let's see if he would pay for school registration 200.00 he didn't do that. So finally I broke I couldn't be nice play nice I've been through he'll and back with him. But I couldn't stand by any longer. I compared him to side dead beat dad his father and anybody else that did not take care of their responsibilities. He had stolen my debit card while I was taking a shower. I have asked him to leave so any times. I go to call the police and I get threaten. He had brain wased our children so bad. I never new narcasist was then I looked it up and oh boy can I day help. Now that om standing up for me and our boys he is freaking out. Took a job that doesn't pay him until jod is complete 10 month job just assumed I would be okay with it...I am so physically sick because of this bug 18yr old is more mature. ..

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