Help open our eyes to what our objective in life should be

by Ryan Law

Dear Lord, let us all seek you and love you the way you should be. Help open our eyes to what our objective in life should be. Living for you, because you live for us. I pray Lord jesus, that there be peace on earth, and that humanity will open their hearts to you, and know that, you are our Lord and Savior.


I pray Lord, for comfort to those which live for you, that are being tormented for being Christian. This world is in need of your love. Jesus, you have given more than anyone could ask for. It is such a good feeling to know that you will always be here for us, we just need to be there for you.

Though times are tough, and the world seems to be getting worse, we must never stop believing in the you. You are the prince of peace, and this world needs to love one another, as you teach. So Lord in all I pray, may you blanket us with your love and peace, and keep our hearts strong. I say this prayer, in Jesus name Amen!

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