Help to stand up for myself, in the face of lies & bullying

by Shionnach

Dear St. Joseph,

Please hear my prayers, help me feel & hear the support our dear lord has given me in this troubled time. I only wish to support & care for my daughters ... To keep them safe & do my best for them. I'm finding it hard to find my voice ... I get so upset when I think and relive the hardship of what happened ... I worked so hard hoping it would appease them ... Instead work treated me dreadfully... Worse each time .. I'm on my own ... Trying my best ... But it was never enough .... I feel so vulnerable .... I hate feeling so powerless ....

Help me surrender to your will, give me the strength and courage to stand up for myself ... Enough is enough ....

Help me know and do the night thing for my little family ... Thank you St. Joseph xxx

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