Help us rekindle what we had and what we could have.

by Linda

Heavenly Father and blessed St Jude,

I not one to ask for much in life I always dealt with whatever was given to me even at a young age.. I asking u for something extremely important in my life right now. You know how rough it's been for me these past few days I asking u to please help me. I know a relationship works both ways to work please help this relationship., let him realize and understand all the heartache and hurt he has put me threw.. Let him see how I forgiven him for all the hurtful things he said to me and they wAy he treated me.. Let him realize that I not perfect nor I never was that I just want to be with him.. I want to share all that I have.. I
Opened to him and I love him., please I begging you to not let me be alone he is all I have and I care for him and want to share all that I have with him.. Please talk to him show him that I aSo I accidentally called Jesse instead of jane I realized after the phone started ringing so I hung up it was a simple mistake here is her response mind this was a mistake!!! Please do not call me at home I no longer have any respect for you and u are just a co worker that I have to get along with to keep my job m genuine and real.. Let him realize that when I say I love u I mean it.. You are all thAt I having I asking u to please help me this time.. I don't want money or material things just him please!!!

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