Help with burdens

by Josef
(Tamarac, FL, Usa)

St Jude, My faithful intercessor, You have come through for me before, do so now on these urgent needs. O St Jude pray to the Lord that he would bless me with the money to pay my property taxes and homeowners association fees, we have been behind on these a long time and if unpaid they threaten to make us homeless. You and the Lord know I am willing to work as much as is necessary to earn my bread, so send me enough work in my trade or just send the money. All I need is full employment in my trade for a few months and all could be paid. Please pray St. Jude that the Lord would miraculously heal my torn bicep, I am a personal trainer and need my arms for my job, and to work out which is my passion. I don't have health insurance and need these prayers to be granted. You know I have confessed my sins, and am ready to receive this blessing, Pray that I would be protected from the Evil One and his minions. Increase my faith, deliver me from unbelief, In Jesus' name, Amen

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by: Anonymous

please help my husband to stop smoking and for me to lose weight. I had open heart surgery and also COPD since then I gain 60 lbs. Never in my life did I ever had such weight gain. Pleaseplasma help me to lose

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