by Kristel
(South carolina)

I need help ! I feel very sad I'm failing school I feel that God is not with me I'm calling he's name I really need he's help please pray for me to be a better person so I could have the strength to go to church I also need a job .. God is the only one who can help I'm praying for myself but need help I lOve Jesus Christ hes my savior and now I need help now please make me pass my school get a job and praise him more God Bless

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by: Anonymous

I, too, am not doing well in school and on the verge of getting kicked out of the nursing program. I will pray for you that God may guide you in your studies and job search.
God, please, please guide this individual. Help him in his studies. Please pour down your blessings upon this individual. God please hear the prayers for this individual. God, we love you. Thank you for everything.

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