hiv symptoms, Help me get through this Lord

by john

Please pray for me I'm a kid that's only 21, years old I have two kids of my own I have a fiance my son is only 7 months old I have cheated on my fiance with a sexual worker I did use protection but I've been feeling symptoms of hiv but I'm a good person with a kind heart god knows it I trust him but I'm very anxious and I will be taking a hiv test on the 23rd of may if you guys can pray for me and for those results to come back negative and that I feel healthy again please thank you god bless ypu all.

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Oct 13, 2016
by: Anonymous

I truly do pray for you and know God can heal all. You are fine!

Jun 19, 2016
I understand you aren't alone
by: Anonymous

I have had the same fear for the last couple of years and have tested negative every time. Im praying for as i type. Please be encouraged anf have faith. And repent then sin no more. God forgives all things and remembers no more. Just please dont go back to wht caused it the stress it starts is almost unbearable. I say tht from current experience. God loves you and i do too. Be blessed.

Mar 26, 2015
I pray for you
by: Anonymous

I pray for you.

Dec 12, 2014
healing and forgiveness
by: Anonymous

I understand what you are going through I'm going through the same situation I will pray for you and ask God to forgive you and heal you God us merciful God and he will have mercy on you and your family and heal you just have faith and keep God close make him your best friend.

Oct 17, 2014
Prayers for you
by: Anonymous

Lord I pray for this family and their health. Lord you are the same yesterday today and always and by your stripes they are healed. I thank you that you have covered them in the blood of Jesus and that he is a believer and is seeking you for forgiveness and healing. I thank you for your healing.
In jesus name!

Jul 16, 2014
Believe and respect your body
by: Liz

Dear brother,
Our God is a forgiving God, and he already knows our faults. If you ask with faith, he works in miracles. No illness is above our God, and I declare in his Holy name to send a healing touch to your would right now! In Jesus name, I rebuke the fear of HIV Symptoms! I pray this was a learnt lesson also for you my dear brother to live in God's light. Be blessed and in Jesus Holy name, BE HEALED!! Amen

Jul 15, 2014
God hears your prayer
by: Anonymous

always strive to write the word God starting with a capital letter because He is mighty and deserving.the same applies to Jesus and Holy Spirit.It shows respect to the Almighty.May God wash away your fears and unto you be confirmed a negative status in Jesus name.Amen

Jun 07, 2014
HIV Symptoms
by: jharaphula

HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus causes AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). HIV virus destroy the body immune system. HIV is a member of the group of viruses known as retroviruses. With out any treatments HIV patient can live maximum 9 to 11 years. HIV infection can transfer using blood, semen, vaginal fluid & breast milk. Read more at

Apr 13, 2014
Im praying for u do the same for me
by: N.p

I pray in the name of jesus your well Im in the same situation and im 12 weeks pregnant so I understand wat you going through but with god and jesus christ we are healed and made new .. God bless you in the name of jesus

Apr 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

May Gods hand be stretched in your direction and reverse every negative situation

Feb 19, 2014
blessings to you
by: Anonymous

Prayers to you.

Feb 09, 2014
May God keep you well
by: Anonymous

Said a prayer for you and your family. May God watch over you and keep you well.

Feb 07, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have read your prayer and have prayed for you. I believe you're feeling the symptoms due to guilt. Come clean with your Diane and beg for forgiveness. Again I am praying for you for I know the fear of waiting to be tested.

Jan 21, 2014
In the name of jesus
by: Anonymous

god loves you and understands mistakes and he is putting you through a test you should tell your partner or abstain from having sex. however whatever the results be read your bible and pray for healing seek and herbalist and do your research ...don't ever ever do that again thats what god wants me to tell you amen

Dec 04, 2013
You are healed
by: Anonymous

I pray that your body is healed of any and all diseases.

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