Hope to continue living

by GNC

I try my best to live independently and not buying non-sense/craps in life but have to pay the price to be alone. sometimes, i wake up and shock of my age and life being so alone and helpless. I have met someone I like but I dont do what other girls do to as I think I have done a bit. is this my problem of my singleness?

I `realize' that I have no reason to continue living n I'm just existing and waiting for my time to come.
my faith is lukewarm. I want to believe but cant completely sence/confirm God, but i have nothing to hold on.
I have no source of energy/drive.
I pray that my life to be taken away if I have to live on this loneliness.
Please pray for me. I'm so done of living.

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Mar 19, 2015
I understand how you feel NEW
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way I pray to be remove from this world too and I have no more faith at all every day of my life I try my best to be the best person I can be only to be knocked down in each round I live and I'm not a perfect person; I made so many mistakes in mylife time but I always make up for them the best I know how. I just got out of a abusive marriage about a year and half ago and my life still in strive and then I met the man of my dreams who I adore with all of my heart the man I always prayer about and guess what can't even be with him now at the time when I met him he was single now I just heard he has a new girlfriend which broke my heart in a million pieces as I look at mylife I never can get a break all of my life all I've seen was darkness no matter how much light I tried to put into mylife

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