humble cry

by Erin

Many of you have been willing to pray for a relationship with M I truly felt God placed in my life for marriage, and I am truly thankful for your prayers. Through a series of conversations, our relationship has come to a definitive end. And while I can see God's protective hand in it, my heart is also broken.


I will be 39 in two weeks. For nearly 15 years I have longed for a husband. God has not released this desire, and through M, has shown to me why I clearly long for a life-partner. I was reminded recently that God hears believers when they storm the gates of heaven with their requests. And so, fellow believers, I know you don't know me. But I know we serve a faithful father who loves us and has compassion on us and wants to "satisfy the desires of every living thing," as it says in Psalm 145:16.

So I ask you to pray that God hears my humble cry for a husband and brings him into my life quickly.

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