Hurt, Anger, and Pain

by Peace Return
(Indiana, USA)

Dear Jesus,


I trust you. Please fill me with love and take away the anger, hurt and pain that is being inflicted upon me by my very own husband. Remove all stressors from my life. Anything that is not of you, let me be free from it. Let me not grow bitter and hateful. Send your angels of protection to stand guard and fight this monster. Send help for his altered state of mind. Send peace to my heart,mind and every place I enter. I can't stand the arguments and his violent mood swings. Let Peace be still!

Lord, I said my marriage vows before you Oh Lord, But I'm dying inside, my peace has left, and numbness is in my heart. Help Me oh GOD!.

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Mar 15, 2016
I am also hurt
by: Anonymous

Dear Jesus,

Please help me to overcome the hurt,beatings,insults ,pain given by my husband. It feels like I can't look at his face anymore.please help me to pass through this stage of my life.

Jan 12, 2016
Hurt,Anger,and Pain
by: Anonymous

Yes I pray to God they he deliver the rage in my husband and the malice heart that he has and to allow him to let go of his past experiences and to stop inflicted on his wife Show him that you are God and all help come from you.Amen

Dec 29, 2015
Pray and Action
by: Anonymous

I pray that you will receive help and comfort from your Lord. You cannot change others, only yourself. Ask God to help you through counseling to better understand yourself and give you the tools to perhaps help him. God is with you .We just need to do your part.

Dec 22, 2015
I believe in God.
by: nana

I m hurt too. My husband is not working & has been mocking God all the while. I feel so lost. He has been giving God awful names. Please pray for me.

Sep 02, 2015
This 2 shall pass
by: Leo angel

My prayers are with u, Jesus will carry ur burdens

Jul 20, 2015
Peace, healing and forgiveness
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing the same right now. What our human mind could not understand, the Lord does. What our heart, could not bear, the Lord can. So together, let us lift it all to God. I am with you in prayers. May God's peace, healing and forgiveness fill you. You are loved by our great God.

Jun 24, 2015
your prayer is what I needed
by: Anonymous

Thank you for god giving you the courage to post this. You never know how many needed to read this and God used you as a vessel. To help others. I pray things get better. Only god has the final say so.

Dec 28, 2014
God bless you and your family
by: Anonymous

I too know your pain and suffering, we should cry tears of joy not sadness, God please show our husband's that we are wonderful beautiful faithful wives and mothers and deserve to be treated as a respect human and individual, heal all of our wounds and restore our faith in our marriage and our relationships, in Jesus Name We Pray xoxo

Dec 25, 2014
Shared pain
by: Pray for us

I am so sorry Peace Return for what you are going through.I can understand because I too am currently having the same issues with a raging man.It is especially hard with the holidays.I think the pressure of making a nice holiday pushes their demons to come out. They are so full of hate and anger that they blame others for it and take it out on them.Do not blame yourself,this is not your fault
they take it out on those trying to help them and love them. I pray to St.Jude this has helped me get through and trust in the lord.
Do not let his ugliness darken your heart,fill it with gods light and love.Remember God loves you.I pray for you Return Peace.God bless.

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