i am all out of myself i need you

by janaye
(new york city)

father i don't know if this will work on here, but i need u so much and you out of all people know every little issue that I'm am facing daily i don't know what to do or where to go i felt like i let u down so much that i didn't want to come and ask you for anything i know i stopped praying at night but you know how i feel about you, your the only person i have left, i always make deals with you and u always come threw but i dint keep up with my part. father all i ask for is for you to trust me this time and help me with the true problem i have within myself and around me i need better fiancees and shelter just one more fresh start . i have strength but its hanging on a thin line. you dint have to take the pain away just make it lumb Amen.


Janaye Grant

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