I am desperately asking that you help me a mother in prayer

by Rebecca
(Orange Cove Ca United States)

Loving, Forgiving, Almighty, God. I am desperately asking that you help me a mother in prayer. For her two adult children that are incarcerated for attempted murder. Forgiving, Almighty God, creator of all.your children desperately need you in saving them from being sent to prison when they were only defending them selfs from the accusers that started it in the first place. And are known to look and start trouble often. Loving, Forgiving, Almighty, God you know your children and you know there heart's. You know there good people. And you know they were only only looking to have a good time. They aren't one's for starting trouble or even looking for it. Don't let this ruin there life. My daughter has never been in any problems till now. And my son has always been wrongly aaccuse.Save them! Free them!. Only you can do the impssible forgiving God.Amen

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