I am grateful and I am thankful that I am taking the Civil Service Computer Examination this month of September 17, 2017

by s
(Philippine Cebu City)

Almighty God in heaven a loving, a kindhearted and a graciously compassionate father, thank you so much for the blessing of prosperity and abundance , knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, protection and good health that you bestow upon me, Lord God I am grateful and I am thankful, I am taking civil service computer examination this September 17, 2017, I do really need this for my promotion this October 10, 2017 which is the schedule to submit folders. Lord God I believe there is no imposible to you, all things possible, I surrender my life into your hand. You are now my defender, my savior, my protector, and I know whatever I ask from you, you will give and send it to me. Lord God, I ask and I pray, I am successfully pass the civil service computer examination with the rating of 85.98%. All this things I ask in Jesus mighty name forever and ever, Amen....

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